Future of Analytics Software: Big Data & Machine Learning

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As Marketers, being data-driven has become part of the job. It’s part of the revolution that has been happening for the last few years.

At the center of this process, Analytics measure conversions and attribute sales. To help them, Attribution Models tie together conversions and traffic
sources by attributing credit to the latter. The consumer’s buying journey has evolved in the last few decades. Analytics struggle to understand the flow between all touch-points and fail to consider all the factors involved in a conversion. As a result, budget is invested where it shouldn’t be, because data is
flawed by current Attribution Models. Your marketing plan is not as effective as it could be. What does the future hold? What do you need to improve your marketing activities? What about Big Data and Machine Learning? Can they help?

Problem with Current Models
Analytics are pulling out an incredible amount of data. You can know who is doing what and what led them to do so. If you don’t know much about the various Attribution Models, I recommend that you read this article: Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling. Attribution Models are incredibly helpful: they help us determine the traffic sources’ role in each conversion. However, weighting conversions – as they do – is shortsighted. They don’t take into consideration the countless factors leading to a conversion.

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